Candice Swanepoel Reveals the Secret to Feeling Confident in a Bikini

NOTE: This is a quite old interview (from 2013) When being on the VS swim event in Seattle. POPSUGAR got a time to interview Candice, let's take a look.
POPSUGAR: Have you ever been to Seattle before? What were your first thoughts when you were selected to visit?  
Candice Swanepoel: No, this is my first time to Seattle! I was very interested and excited when I found out. Some of my favorite music artists are from here.  
PS: You're often jet-setting to the most incredible, exotic locales. How does Seattle stack up?  
CS: I love traveling to Paris and Rio de Janeiro, but because I'm always traveling to big cities, it's nice to come to a smaller city like Seattle. It has a great energy and small-town vibe.
PS: So, what must haves are in your suitcase right now?  
CS: Havaianas flip-flops, something warm for the airplane, and portable speakers. 
PS: You're from South Africa — what are some of your favorite things about traveling stateside? Anything about home make you nostalgic? 
CS: I do miss my family and the more relaxed lifestyle. My favorite thing about traveling in the US is that everywhere you go there is so much culture and history. 
PS: Now that we're in the thick of Summer, what's your secret for feeling confident in a bikini?  
CS: I love having a good sun-kissed glow before the beach — some self-tan lotion is always good! I also feel good when I'm working out regularly.

PS: And in honor of being the first-named Angel for the inaugural Swim Tour, can you tell us about your very first bikini memory?  
CS: My mom actually used to put me in one-pieces when I was little. She was a dance teacher, so I actually used to try and make my own bikinis with her leftover Lycra when I was little!