Candice Swanepoel for Victoria's Secret

Here are new photos of Victoria's Secret catalog! See them full on our Twitter or Facebook! Soon will create photo gallery and we'll upload full shoots there but now u can click read more button to see it half- full also! enjoy, some photos are with Behati Prinsloo, too!

V373611.jpg V373611_CROP1.jpg V373612.jpg V373614.jpg 
V373615.jpg V373615_CROP1.jpg V373616.jpg V373616_CROP1.jpg V373617.jpg V373617_CROP1.jpg V373619.jpg V373621.jpg V373621_CROP1.jpg V373629.jpg V373629_CROP1.jpg V373641.jpg V373643.jpg V373643_CROP1.jpg V376007.jpg V376007_CROP1.jpg V376012.jpg V376012_CROP1.jpg V376013.jpg V376019.jpg V376020.jpg V376021.jpg V376021_CROP1.jpg V376022.jpg V376022_CROP1.jpg V376023.jpg V376024.jpg V376024_CROP1.jpg V376025.jpg V376025_CROP1.jpg V376026.jpg V376026_CROP1.jpg V376027.jpg V376315.jpg V376315_CROP1.jpg V376318.jpg V376318_CROP1.jpg V376355.jpg V376358.jpg V376359.jpg